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    Brian Tule

    I recall being told that 40% of the admissions to Ipswich Hospital (Queensland) were the result of the side effects of prescribed drugs.

    That could be a useful area of savings.

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    Norman Hanscombe

    Marie to assert, as done above, that “lifting the GST is ‘like prescribing medicine before completing the diagnosis’”, is one of the most fatuous claims in a very long time.
    If whoever came up with that absurd gem has a day job he should hang onto it like grim death because he might be hard pressed to find alternative employment.
    Anyone hoping to reform complex systems knows it’s a sensible approach to start looking for needed funding even if you haven’t worked out all the fine details of what you hope to achieve and precisely how you might go about the task.

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    Hans Peter Dietz

    It’s a pity that nobody seems to consider productivity in health. While we have limited data, it seems very likely that productivity in the Australian public health system has been declining substantially over the last several decades.

    We need more and more money to provide a given service, and we all know why. Everybody working in Health is aware that the costs of compliance with rampant over-regulation are rising all the time. We seem to need an ever- growing class of managers and bureaucrats to deal with all that red tape, and they’re the only ones thriving on it.

    Commonly, experts seem to think that the solution lies in making complex systems even more complex, in collecting more data, in more micromanagement and centralisation, as proposed in the Garling Report in 2010. Very likely such misguided effort is only going to depress productivity further.

    We need the opposite: de-centralisation, de-regulation, less interference with clinical practice, less nanny state, not more. At some stage people will have to realise that regulation is expensive, and over-regulation is a terrible waste of resources.

    HP Dietz


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