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    Chris Twomey

    Barbara – I suspect from your comments you’ve only seen the Greens overarching Health Policy and not the specific Mental Health initiative they launched as part of the election campaign.
    The policy initiatives can be found at:
    The direct link to mental health is
    I think it addresses quite a few of the issues you raise – C

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    Barbara Hocking lays out clearly what must be done for mental health reform. For years Professor Hickie has been saying “If you fix mental health you fix health”. The Mental Health Council of Australia writes, 2009, that you can’t stop homelessness unless you have mental health reform. Nobody listens. The greatest stigma shown the mentally ill comes from our political and bureaucratic leaders. These persons breach the UN Conventions which Australia has signed and, in Victoria, they are in breach of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights. I can understand the refusal of an Australian Charter of Human Rights, from the politicians’ viewpoint. But we must fight them with what we have, the UN Conventions and the Victorian Charter.


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