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    Max Willow

    Professor Day highlighted glaring problems in our healthcare system. During the campaign process prior to the recent election, Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, was emphatic in asserting that Australia has the best health care system in the world. He must be joking.
    As a doctor and a patient, I have witnessed a continuing deterioration in the provision of health services to people across a broad spectrum. We now have an imbalanced situation where the cost of comprehensive health care is no longer available for all Australian people. Mr Morrison boasts that our Medicare system is something that we should be proud of.
    We now face a new three year period in which many Australian people will not receive totally adequate health care. I see it in hospitals and I see it in community medicine. The health care system will continue to be biased towards people who can afford the increasing costs which are available. I am sad that we no longer have a health care system which provides total health care for all of our people, irrespective of their financial situation. By contrast, the health care system in Canada continues to lead the world in making sure that no one goes without the best health care which can be provided.
    If seems that our health care system no longer stands as one of the most important issues in government policy. The young and the elderly will continue to go without the care that they should be entitled to-a sad time in the history of our great country.


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