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    jean gamble

    Where there is demand there will be supply. We can call out foul play – but these cunning marketing tactics are effective only because we, the consumers, are purchasing the unhealthy products on sale. The human body is designed to eat fresh protein and vegies. Limit your food purchases to the butchery, fish monger and green grocer and avoid all packaged goods. Buy the kids an uber trendy water bottle and install a water filter.

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      Rhona Low

      Well said Jean Gamble!
      In addition, adults and children would find their lives healthier if they chucked out the TV, stopped reading magazines, newspapers, and gave up the mainstream e media. People also need to think very carefully before becoming slaves to the mass consumption of promoted corporate sports. ALL these once valuable and worthwhile activities have been hijacked
      by global corporations in the previous 4 decades. What was previously information and relaxation is now misinformation and toxic advertising which is rapidly killing every socio economic group in Oz.


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