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    Orbital Weaver

    This really is a brilliant piece of satire on the health promotion view of reality.

    Is there a Sokal Affair Award?

    If not, may I suggest that Croakey start one, and that the authors of submit this article for consideration.

    I believe this article really has a very good chance of winning the inaugural Croakey Sokal Award.

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    Eleanor Malbon

    Dear Orbital,

    We can assure you that the piece is not satire, and that the research article, published in Health Promotion International, has been very well received by the academic and practice based health promotion community.

    We have already received emails of thanks from policy makers who state that this work enables them to make sense of the Marmot review and make use of it in a more practical way.

    Perhaps you are having trouble accessing the original article? The research paper necessarily goes deeper into the Residualist Conversion model than is possible in a blog post. We are happy to supply this to you if you cannot access academic publications.

    The (Celestial) Authors


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