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    Richard Wilson

    Sounds like all the science has been done and there can be no more debate particularly given the govt has already paid for the order!

    There is global concern about this potentially “synthetic” virus and when the drums beat as loud as they are at the moment then there has to be something going down which warrants far ore investigation ythan it is currrently receiving. I for one am not gong to be part of this crap nor are 60% of the health workers in Hong Kong according to yesateday’s Asian Times and from the UK Guardian, a growing number of medicos in the UK. Not sure about the Europeans yet. I want to know how the WHO and their buddies can be so confident that we will face a pandemic next month? You know 35000 Americans die of flu every year due to complications so what is the expectation on this H1N1 virus or; is it going to be like the 1976 version where the cure was worse than the disease. The US govt gee’d everybody up to be vaccinated and soon found out that the vaccine killed people often enough to force authorities to admit to 25 deaths. Moreover, it left them will Guillain Barre often enough to have those same authorities fess up to at least 5000 cases which they had to settle in court.

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    I will be grateful if someone answer the following questions:
    i) Why h1n1 is considered an emergency if it killed approx. 2800 worldwide while seasonal flu kills approx half a million?. Being pandemic is only a measure of its geographical extension not its severity.
    ii) How can a vaccine be safe if it has been developed in less than a year? What about side effects which may take years to appear?
    iii) In the worst case scenario and the virus mutates to become a severe killer will these vaccines be effective?
    iv) Is there an explanation why this disease affects the ages 25-45 and not the standard young or old ages??


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