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    Dr Mark J Lock

    I am an Aboriginal researcher developing an Indigenous health policy research agenda at the University of Newcastle. Being Aboriginal for me does not mean having to work in Aboriginal health – being here now took a long and winding road. But I love research, health policy, and critical debate.

    One of the themes from the policy literature is that the reports gather dust on shelves and such. Now there are many reasons for that which I will not touch on here. Save to say it’s not a phenomenon peculiar to Aboriginal health. In order to change this through research I plan to develop a social media application for the rapid dissemination of research outcomes. It is planned to be interactive, live, locally relevant, with content relevant for different levels – policy, medicine, nursing, statistics, journals, etc. It’s in the planning stage, will see how it goes.

    The promise of social media is also to allow more video communication which I have explored extensively in international collaborations – a fantastic idea in a global society. Social media is truly enabling researchers to cross traditional geographical, time, and cultural boundaries.

    To finish: working in Aboriginal health is challenging and rewarding, to see positive changes through your working life vindicates the hard times, and the desire to keep going lies in the contribution one can make to all the efforts to close the gaps.

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    Corbet David

    Thanks Tim for your writing and the blog. Great to get your perspective on things.

    Mark, there are two start-ups you should check out. Both have similar ideas to yours. based in Melbourne. They’re very approachable – give them a call. based in USA I believe.

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    Carriage Christine

    Hi Tim,
    love what you wrote – and working with is always great pleasure, this got me thinking and if I answered this question as to “why I work in Aboriginal Health” it would be as simple as this “I was born in to it” and with this knowledge I will stand up, be accountable and fight for my people, culture and communities where I am needed.

    Cris Carriage…


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