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    Great piece, no arguments there. Worth also mentioning, however, the role of health literacy in ’emphasising prevention’. The authors of an excellent article in the current issue of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia draw attention to a number of problems with written material, including too much text, too few pictures, a lack of clear consistent messages, culturally irrelevant advice, and reliance on medical/dental jargon. The authors conclude that, given findings that oral health literacy is an iportant determinant of oral health, there needs to be an increased focus on health literacy issues for oral health promotion, with particular attention to the needs of disadvantaged families. (A Arora, D Bedros, S Bhole et al, ‘A qualitative evaluation of the view of Chld and Family Health Nurses on the early childhood oral health educatioin materials in New South Wales, Australia, HPJA 2012:23(2), p.112-116) Another example, perhaps, of the need for a national health literacy strategy?


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