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    Physician Assistant 1

    It is good to see continued support for Physician Assistants from JCU. It is certainly great to see they have opened the offering for this year as it was sad to see no offerings in 2013. There are now several Australian Trained Physician Assistants working in Australia albeit they were trained at Masters level by University of Queensland in which the course was sadly closed in 2011. One PA in particular working in the Pilbara area with indigenous health. Several have private company jobs in off shore areas. Another has been working in a GP practice in rural Queensland for over 18mths. In addition to this one working with a specialist in Urology for over 12mths. Queensland Health now has the governance policy document as well as all the underpinning for recruitment. The Australian PAs employed as PAs are the Australian pioneers and the first in their field in Australia regardless of which education institution they are trained at. It would be great to recognise our pioneering Australians Dorothea Skelly, Jason Brown, Paul Roberts and Sharon Ashman, Deb Okrane and many more post students paving the way!!


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