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    Thanks Dr Brik. Makes me feel much better about pursuing my PhD in public health

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    I guess the real question is how Mary Foley uses the title. I understand that she feels it necessary to insist on it’s use in official correspondence, which might impress her minions, but gets up the nose (?deliberately) of quite a lot of the people with whom she has a lot of contact, many of whom actually did a lot of peer-reviewed, published work to earn the title. By the way, Ms Foley’s predecessor was appointed to an Academic Chair of Nursing to gain a title when she took over, despite not having a PhD or taught.

    Full disclosure I am one of those bloody medical clinicians: I have an MB,BS (6 year undergraduate course) and a PhD (awarded by a Faculty of Medicine for a thesis that took 5 years to complete). I actively avoid using the title outside my “role and expertise labelling” function at work. In my experience, someone who uses the title doctor to address you wants something from you. I suspect that those who insist that others use the title as a form of address are hoping to be mistaken for someone who can provide something required. Either that or they are wankers.


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