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    Ben Harris-Roxas

    I agree that a lot of health and health system problems are “wicked problems” but I don’t necessarily agree that sleep fits the bill, as the problems are known but exceedingly difficult to address.

    The best definition I’ve come across is Martin Stewart-Weeks one*. He suggests that a wicked problem meets the following criteria:

    – Evolving interlocking issues and constraints;
    – Lack of agreement about what the problem actually is;
    – A complex array of stakeholders;
    – Constraints on resources and political ramifications; and
    – No definitive solutions, with decisions being driven by time pressures.

    Wicked problems are unique, technical, without precedent, and *can’t* be solved, only managed.

    * From Control to Networks in Colebatch H. Beyond the Policy Cycle, Allen & Unwin: Sydney, 2006, p184-202


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