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    Andrew Roberts

    One of his questions has been answered. “There was no evidence of significant protection from seasonal vaccine against pandemic influenza virus infection in any age group, ”

    – from a review of results in Victoria from “Interim analysis of pandemic influenza (H1N1) 2009 in Australia: surveillance trends, age of infection and effectiveness of seasonal vaccination” Eurosurveillance, Volume 14, Issue 31, 06 August 2009


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    “Let me give an example. Suppose a young woman out driving ….”

    What a frightening example! I notice that once more the “children must be saved” argument (usually coupled with the “anti-terrorism” argument) is being used to propose yet more removal of privacy.

    As an active health worker with patient contact (rather than a retired medical lab worker who has little if any real contact with patients) the idea that information collected by me in the course of providing service would be used for anything other than health care is beyond belief. This will further erode the trust people have in the health system if they think their information will be available to any police officer who feels the need to satisfy his curiosity about a possible DUI suspect.

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    Brendon Wickham

    The example scenario of the drug affected young woman is invalid. The IHI “…is strictly limited to health information and health care with jurisdictional regulators including the Federal Privacy Commissioner providing independent oversight.” See yesterday’s press release from Roxon:


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