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    Bill Parker

    I comment here because the link to USPST does not work.

    I was screened with a PSA test by some overzealous GP and she provided me with NO explanation of what the numbers meant. I spent a few weeks very stressed that I had prostate cancer. I did not. Years later, and dozens of PSA readings some high some low, a TURP with no pathology whatsoever in 32 samples I conclude that the only value of the PSA is if it is done regularly and a trend can be seen. Even then, high PSA readings can be the result of infection.

    I have had two painful biopsies done, both negative. My urological surgeon says no more.

    I think testing with a prostate cancer biomarker which showed conclusive association with cancer might be justifed, but even then, how is a patient to be managed if there is no physical evidence of tumour.?

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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    Bill – thanks for letting me know about the link. I’ve fixed it so hopefully it should work now.
    I think the page may have been updated after publication of a related journal article.
    I hope you can get through to it now…


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