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    Well – yes. And – no.

    The NSW Cancer Council program was/is indeed brilliant – but lots of sanctimonious drivel is written about social justice and health. In fact smoking rates in low SES groups can be reduced at the same rate as in other groups, using the same set of interventions across the population, without any “targetting”.

    God save me from ever being targetted, by some Lady Bountiful wanting to improve my status and reduce my social inequity. I am managing just fine thanks.

    Leave me and my fellow low SES comrades alone and concentrate on some big bold population health measures, that involve regulation of the tyrannical end evil industries that are making a profit from selling toxins, fat and sugar.

    Use traffic light labels on processed food. No-one has any idea what is in the stuff. Of course we get fat. Stop being monstered by Big Food and Big Tobacco. Challenge them and stop writing long soporific papers about “social disadvantage”.

    Ban the sale of cigarettes from 2020. Just do it. Phase it out. Reduce the number of outlets. then in 2020 introduce a licensing scheme for remaining smokers, so that have to pass an exam on the toxic effects of tobacco and use a smart card to obtain tobacco from a limited number of outlets.

    Re-introduce sport at schools and help the kids who are fat or slow to enjoy games that don’t make them feel useless and embarrassed.

    Have a nation-wide push to help women breastfeed – by giving them access to nurses and lactation consultants who will home visit. Forget this whacking them over the head and telling them to breast feed. it takes a baby a while to get it right – and a new mother needs support – not guilt.

    Help isolated unemployed and young mothers and pensioners get some exercise by setting up neighbourhood free exercise/walking/swimming/tai chi programs for them and invite them to come by knocking door to door! Don’t’ produce a bundle of leaflets that sit on counters and never get looked at.

    Get off your bums and away from your computers and provide some services. Pass some laws. Go and see your politician and tell them to do these things.


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