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    Janelle Jakowenko

    Thanks for the article. The members of the national cabinet are accountable to their respective parliaments. It is difficult for the parliament to scrutinise the cabinet, based on the Henry the 8th clause in the Human Biosecurity Emergency Act 2015. There is also the review to be tabled by the end of June. I live in hope that this agile, collaborative, lets make a few mistakes way of working will remain. There is still a sense of urgency with the budget looming in October. Hang that sign on the wall.

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    Julie P Smith

    Thanks for this article
    I agree that the pandemic made the dynamic worked especially after the appalling failure of federal leadership response on bushfires and recovery.
    You rightly point out that it is the states that are the key actors.
    There is a little bit of a time of the states as mendicants for ‘commonwealth’ money but that is debatable.
    That is national money which over history since federation the commonwealth is gradually taken over. There were good reasons for this as taxation across borders is difficult especially income tax .
    But we have ended up as predicted by Treasurer Turner and others during the early years after federation with the commonwealth collecting far more than it needs for its normal responsibilities and the states which deliver services having too little
    This sets up bad incentives for profligacy with revenues and spending by commonwealth government (think sports rorts and tax cuts) and the inefficiencies of cutting corners at state level.
    If you are interested I have written about this in publications on state income taxes in Australia and redistribution in the Australian federation
    If you understand the deeper drivers of the fiscal history you will see the risks to our federal and democratic system as well as the benefits in the national cabinet


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