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    Doctor Whom

    I’m pretty sick of the hype of Apple and the journalists in the mainstream and tech media who just go uncritically along with it and basically reprint Apples spin.

    Until recently when Apple started to be able to run Linux there were huge problems with propriety lock in and there are still problems with music and DRM.

    Apple has the cheek to charge “special” prices for Apple hardware.

    Some of the articles you linked to have been drinking too much of the Apple Kool-Aid.

    In the end without the hype Apple is just another phone or computer or MP3 player.
    There was a time a long time ago when their GUI was superior – but even a free Linux distro now has a great GUI.

    The real issue is why governments haven’t gone down the Open Source route for eHealth and software. Instead we have costly failures of proprietary software that basically can’t be built on. We can’t learn from the mistakes.

    Lets imagine we had commissioned a Open Source e Health record in Tasmania 10 years ago. The source code would be available to each state to build upon further and improve. If Queensland tried a system that was only a 50% success we could still access the 50% successful code to build on in Victoria.

    Or heres a radical idea – why didn’t we take VistA, hugely successful FREE software, from USA Veterans Affairs and build it up for Australian conditions.

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    Jon Hunt

    Dr Whom, I’m not sure exactly what it is that you are complaining about. Apple make pretty good machines, and have done rather well with their first smartphone even though everybody else has had a 10 year head start. You could argue this is because of hype, but perhaps you should also ask the people who have bought this stuff whether they are disappointed. I have yet to meet someone who is, although of course this is not going to be statistically significant. I don’t necessarily believe the hype, but just because there is a lot of hype does not mean there is no substance.

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    Jon Hunt

    By the way, isn’t OSX based on an open source OS, Darwin?


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