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    Tara Taft

    All we need to do to extend lives is keep building up medication while simultaneously advocating a cleaner diet, as we are now. A clean diet is the most effective way to lose weight, fight diabetes, regrow limbs and learn how to fly. OK, maybe not the last two. But seriously, too many people neglect meeting their dietary requirements- ESPECIALLY sufferers of diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and put on Metformin on June 26th, 2014. I started the ADA diet and followed it 100% for a few weeks and could not get my blood sugar to go below 140. Finally i began to panic and called my doctor, he told me to get used to it. He said I would be on metformin my whole life and eventually insulin. At that point i knew something wasn’t right and began to do a lot of research. On April 13th I found this book on . I read the book from end to end that night because everything the writer was saying made absolute sense. I started the diet that day and the next morning my blood sugar was down to 100, the next day was in the 90’s and now i have a fasting blood sugar between Mid 70’s and the 80’s. My doctor took me off the metformin after just one week of being on this lifestyle change. I have lost over 30 pounds in a month. I now work out twice a day and still have tons of energy. I have lost 6+ inches around my waist and I am off my high blood pressure medication too. Diabetes is supposed to be “uncurable” and reduce my life span, but It wont be bothering me anymore.

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    I agree, this one is a particularly persistent piece of groupthink. The range of human life span hasn’t actually increased at all – there have been 85 year olds since ancient times. What has increased is average human lifespan, which is more about democratising the benefits of good diet, freedom from infectious disease, housing, clean water etc which were once the province of a few. But nothing biological changed in the makeup of people, which is what would be required for a lifespan of 150 to become normal. As an aside, I have the same problem with global public health epidemiologists assuming that the lifespan of people in disadvantaged countries will increase to the level now typical of affluent countries when there is no evidence that the economic growth necessary is possible, or that factors such as climate change will not actually reverse existing advances.

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    large fish

    I always was concerned in this topic and still am, thanks for posting.


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