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    Norman Hanscombe

    It seems those involved in this industry will never be shy when it comes to demanding Australian Taxpayers keep them well rewarded for trying to encourage increasing numbers to come here and be supported by Australian Citizens.
    Perhaps this is why they’ve had no luck persuading the majority of the voters to fund the lifestyles of those involved?

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    Luke Sampson

    Thank you for standing up for free speech, and for taking personal risks to make this information available. I hope this all sounds overly dramatic eventually, but I’m not sure if it’s clear at this point whether our government sees any problem with censoring and imprisoning dissenters, and that’s worrying. I think it’s important and necessary to call their bluff, and you’re brave to be some of the first people to do it.

    Norman, I don’t think this article is evidence of doctors trying to profit from an increasing refugee intake. It’s a straightforward outline of the health problems that detainees face, and the difficulties that doctors face when providing care under these conditions. These doctors are now risking imprisonment just for talking about this, which would be incredibly reckless if they are only interested in maintaining their lifestyles. There is something greater at stake here: our freedom as citizens to criticise our government. You don’t have to agree with these doctors’ choice of sympathies or support increasing Australia’s refugee intake to see that this is a brave and worthwhile thing to do, and to recognise that they deserve our support.

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    Norman Hanscombe

    Luke, you have made a well-considered response which sadly isn’t all that common on these threads.
    I too am positive about those who take significant personal risks standing up for free speech issues, but I remain unconvinced that most of those portrayed on Crikey sites as having done so hardly deserve the credit they receive. Take Assange who in fact benefitted financially, created dangers for others from what publicised, and used his faux hero status to avoid investigations into the criminal charges against him.
    I wasn’t talking about doctors, per se, but the Australian refugee industry which benefits from the growth they help occur. I coached a young aboriginal footballer in 1954 who in that same year won a Commonwealth University Scholarship ON MERIT then went on after graduating in Medicine from Sydney University to spend his holidays in the Northern Territory working pro bono in Aboriginal Settlements.
    As for the issue of freedom of speech, it’s an issue which has interested me since I was a youngster who had the good fortune to know intellectually gifted people such as National Civil Liberty Executive Member from NSW, Clarrie Martin, who with a modesty uncharacteristic of the current period never talked about his distinguished military career. Later on in Tasmania I met Roy Fagan who was similarly self-effacing and hadn’t made any of my Labor acquaintances aware of his outstanding stand for genuine Civil Liberties at a time when to do so meant you were discriminated against far more meaningfully than are the current medicos whose ‘plight’ worries you. Those are the sorts of people to whom I give support, not the intellectually-inconsistent prancers and dancers who now pretend to fill their shoes.
    This is not of course what Crikey Land likes to hear, which may be why they delay my posts with the forlorn hope I shall give up and watch ABC/SBS Faux Documentaries instead.


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