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Thanks to our talented and generous colleagues and contributors, Croakey is delighted to offer a number of publications, free for download. We hope they will be of interest and use to our readers, and perhaps you might like to encourage your local library to list them. Also, please feel free to share copies with politicians, policy makers and any other relevant individuals or organisations. Spread the word!

#JusticeCOVID report

This publication brings together stories, podcasts and artwork from #JusticeCOVID, a social journalism project investigating the health and wellbeing of prisoners and their families during the COVID19-pandemic. 

#JusticeCOVID has put the spotlight on issues such as institutional racism, human rights abuses, and a lack of transparency and accountability by governments and others involved in the prison-industrial complex. It also showcases the leadership provided by many community members and organisations. 

This series was supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.

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Croakey Health Media – Informed, indepth coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic

On 28 January, when we published our first article about the new respiratory infection, “Catch up with useful news and sources on the new coronavirus”, 107 deaths had been reported globally. At that time, the pace of developments was so rapid, our priority was to connect our readers with useful sources of updates.

We publish this analysis of our first four months of covering the pandemic to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed to our coverage and wider public debate. We also thank those organisations and individuals whose funding support enables this work at such a critical time.

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Croakey Health Media – Report to Stakeholders 2018-2019

Profiling innovation and developments in healthy journalism

This report showcases some highlights of our innovative model of social journalism, from our governance structures and processes, to our community engagement, and how we “do” journalism, using multiple platforms and methods – such as our walking journalism initiative, #CroakeyGO, development of Twitter Festivals, and the Croakey Conference News Service.

This report also demonstrates how our work is founded in a shared commitment to health equity, to innovation and experimentation, to collegiality and collaboration, and to independent, accountability journalism.

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AH&MRC #CommunityControl Twitter Festival report

On World No Tobacco Day (31 May), the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW (AH&MRC) sponsored an innovative Twitter Festival, to profile the work being done by Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in tobacco control. 

This report by Croakey Professional Services summarises the discussions, which were moderated by Amy McQuire, Dr Tim Senior and Hayley McQuire. 

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#AusVotesHealth Twitter Festival report

On 8 May, more than 40 health advocates contributed to an 11-hour #AusVotesHealth Twitter Festival that profiled critical health matters ahead of the 2019 Federal election.

The #AusVotesHealth Twitter Festival sought to provide an open platform for wide-ranging discussions that centred health equity concerns, with a focus on moving beyond the silos that so often plague the sector, policy and service delivery. 

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Barang Regional Alliance – Empower Youth Summit  report

The summit was held in February 2019 for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living on the Central Coast of NSW. Summer May Finlay reported on the summit for Croakey Professional Services.

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Indigenous NCDs – 2018 Croakey report

This report compiles a series of articles examining the implications for Indigenous people globally of the UN Political Declaration on Noncommunicable Diseases. It also includes tweets from a related #IndigenousNCDs Twitter festival.

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NSW Aboriginal State-wide Cancer Forum May 2018

Sharing stories of success, strengths and need.

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Croakey Stakeholders Report 2017

This report summarises our 2017 activities (including 528 articles published, 18 conferences and events covered), and also shares some of our exciting plans.

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Croakey conference highlights 2017

This publication compiles highlights from conferences and events covered by the Croakey Conference News Service in 2017.  It includes a rich and diverse selection of articles on Indigenous health, mental health, rural health, health equity and much, much more. Since its launch in 2013, the Croakey Conference News Service has covered 60 conferences and events across Australia.

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#JustJustice – Tackling the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

This beautifully presented e-book contains more than 90 articles from more than 70 contributors, and profiles a range of ways forward in addressing over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read more about the crowd-funded #JustJustice project here.

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#SDOH – Acting on the social determinants of health – for a fairer distribution of health

To mark the historic occasion of Professor Sir Michael Marmot delivering the Boyer Lectures and putting a renewed public focus on the social determinants of health and health inequalities, Croakey released an e-publication featuring 25 key #SDOH articles, out of more than 1,000 we have published over the past several years.

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Wonky Health by Tim Senior – a compilation of columns investigating health in all policies

This e-books compiles a series of columns where Dr Tim Senior investigated the health impacts of policies (including within the health sector but mainly outside of the health sector). Our thanks to all who supported the crowdfunded #WonkyHealth project – read more here.

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