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Croakey is a not-for-profit, social journalism in health initiative. publishes articles that: are in the public interest and give voice to those who may not otherwise be heard; focus on under-served matters such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health and health equity more broadly, health in all policies and the social determinants of health; and that contribute to a more informed policy, practice and community environment. Read more in our strategic plan.

We are a social enterprise; we rely on our readers and social media followers to support us – and you can support our work in many ways.

A heartfelt thank-you to all of our generous sponsors, funders and individuals who make our work possible.

As part of a commitment to editorial independence, all funders have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding stating they shall have no say over Croakey’s editorial direction or content. Croakey is grateful that the donors treat this agreement with respect.

How you can help


We are working very hard to ensure Croakey Health Media becomes sustainable into the future. Every donation helps! No amount is too small to make a difference. You can choose to make a one-off donation or become a regular donor. Please donate here.

Please also consider registering at our Patreon account that supports public interest journalism on the climate crisis and health – it’s an easy way to support us through regular donations. Every dollar helps.

Croakey Weekly Bulletin

Although you can always access Croakey’s articles for free, a convenient way to stay up to date is with our weekly emailed summary of Croakey articles. It is only $60 per year (including GST).  We also offer special rates for bulk deals – for example, for organisations or students. Sign up here –

Leave a legacy

You may wish to consider leaving a bequest to Croakey Health Media, to help safeguard the roles of health-focused public interest journalism into the future. Find out more about the options here.

Share our news

To achieve our vision – a vigorous and sustainable public interest journalism sector contributing to the health and wellbeing of people, families, communities, policies, societies and the environment – we rely on our readers and social media followers to help share our news. Please share Croakey articles on all your socials.

Join one of our annual Funding Consortia

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Croakey is supported by two main funding consortia, whose contributions help to pay the Croakey News team. We would not be able to operate without our editorial team, who commission, edit and publish articles and also support special projects.

  • Organisations and individuals who join Croakey Funding Consortium pay $2,600 (plus GST) per year. We welcome applications from public interest minded organisations and individuals.
  • In 2019, we established a Schools of Public Health Consortium. Funders pay $2,600 per year (plus GST). We welcome applications from other Schools with an interest in Public Health.

You can find a list of the members of our Funding Consortia here.

If you would like to be part of one of the Consortia, please contact us at:

Public Interest Journalism

Public interest journalism is in crisis in Australia with alarming implications for individual, community, societal and planetary health. It has a vital role in scrutinising and holding to account governments, industries and other powerful interests that shape health. Just think of the advances in public health from tobacco control to the regulation of environmental hazards such as asbestos. Public interest journalism is also important for research and knowledge translation and improving policy.

We are seeking funds to conduct public interest journalism investigations and reporting. You can support our public interest journalism in two ways:

  • Making donations specifically for this purpose. Every dollar helps!
  • Premium sponsors demonstrate their commitment to supporting public interest journalism through a sponsorship package of $20,000 per year.

It is essential, however, to stress the editorial independence of Croakey. Individuals and organisations supporting the public interest journalism funding pool do not have control of how Croakey spends the funds or the content of the related works of journalism.

Croakey Conference News Service

You can also support our journalism by enlisting the Croakey Conference News Service, which provides skilled, editorially independent multimedia reporting of conferences and other events that are likely to be of interest or use to Croakey readers. The service is funded by conference organisers or other third parties, but editorial responsibility rests with the Croakey team.

This reporting news service includes multi-media cover:

  • Live tweeting
  • Live Periscope video interviews
  • Online news reports, published before, during and after the conference or event
  • Follow-up interactive e-publications compiling all coverage

You will find a detailed summary of our past conferences here.

Organisations that use this service are also helping to sustain Croakey’s wider public interest journalism activities, as twenty per cent of the fee is used to support central Croakey operations.

Train a new journalist

One of Croakey’s mandates is to train up the next generation of health journalists, at a time when there is diminishing capacity in mainstream media newsrooms to provide this training. We are seeking funders for tailored mentorships available to students in journalism or other fields, and early career practitioners in journalism, health or related fields.

The program is tailored to the needs of specific applicants, and costed accordingly. If you would like to support this program, please contact us at:

Website renewal

Croakey has grown organically over the past 11 years. At this point, we direct most of our funding towards content, editorial and operations; however, we need your help to enable us to upgrade our website. We are looking for approximately $30,000 donation or in kind support.

Use our commercial services

About half of the operational revenue we generate to run Croakey is via the services we provide. We provide transparent costing and add a twenty per cent stipend to support Croakey’s operations.  We are grateful to those organisations and individuals who use these services, as your support helps to sustain our public interest journalism activities.

Our commercial services include:

Sponsored articles

We have a limited number of opportunities to publish sponsored articles at, from organisations that align with Croakey’s mission. These are clearly marked as sponsored content, and distinguished from our editorial content. The articles may be written by Croakey’s experienced team of journalists and editors or submitted by the sponsoring organisation. For more information, please contact:

Croakey Professional Services

Croakey provides a range of professional services, including workshops on writing, social media, research translation and advocacy. You will find more details here:

Croakey merchandise

For fans of the Croakey brand, or looking for that must wear T-Shirt at your next #CroakeyGO, you can purchase Croakey merchandise:


We often crowdfund to support specific journalistic projects. For example, our #JustJustice, #WonkyHealth and #CripCroakey projects. We welcome applications for individuals and organisations who would like to collaborate with us on crowdfunded projects or other special projects.

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