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    Arty Emile

    Shallow problems are often well resolved through multi-party discussions as it is likely that a broad group will contain all the required knowledge.

    Deep problems however require deep analysis and modelling of the layers of process, forces and behaviour. This allows knowledge of feasible paths and critical components to inform decisions.

    Delivery of health is a deep problem.

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    Stakeholder dialogue meetings, like the one you described, are only as good as your mediators and facilitators, who set the assumptions and help guide the participants through the games.
    Sounds like this was lacking. You should have invested in this to get a quality outcome. The participants should not need to know anything other than their subject area.

    But you seem surprised about the lack of consumer engagement. I’m not. The health system in Australia is run by the doctors (specifically the specialists)…the consumers are a long way down the list of priorities. That said, it works pretty well with this model.

    Also the lack of innovation is not surprising. Innovation is difficult as generally people dislike change and have entrenched power structures that do not respond well to innovations that take them out of the process. Always needs a champion at the top level to be implemented.

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