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    Speculum scepticus

    In light of the burgeoning obesity crisis does this mean we might soon see the Guild withdrawing its ‘Glucojel’ jellybeans from pharmacy shelves too? At 16 calories per jellybean they’re hardly the sort of product that one would expect to be promoted by an organisation that claims to be “a vital contributor to improving health outcomes for all Australians” ( But then again, they are “among the top 10 OTC products sold through pharmacy” (according to ….

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    I emailed this to the Pharmacy Guild this morning when I heard the good news.

    ***************Letter to The Pharmacy Guild***************

    Thankyou for withdrawing the Blackmores companion range.

    These mostly useless products (according to the NPS evaluation) would have provided little or no benefit to your vulnerable patients and the concept was clearly designed just to line the pockets of both pharmacy owners and Blackmores.

    Pharmacy owners are already putting the reputations of their hard working pharmacists at risk, by actively promoting everything from magnets, ear candles, circulation boosters, TENS devices and complementary medicines such as homeopathic remedies, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Saw Palmetto and Red Clover – which don’t provide the benefits claimed and which are often positioned near the prescription counter – and sadly, all of which target older patients who go there for their prescription medications and who trust that what pharmacies are selling has proof of efficacy.

    Are pharmacy owners so desperate and greedy that they actively prey on older Australians (and those with major illnesses, like myself) wasting the little money we have on placebos, at a time in our lives when we can least to lose it?

    Where is your compassion?

    When will you put patients before profit?

    Loretta Marron
    Cancer patient and consumer.

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    Doctor Whom

    Slight slip up.

    Now thats out of the way the Pharmacists can continue on their way selling vitamins, cosmetics, mystical cures and the like for slimming or “wellbeing”.

    Chemists still sell homeopathy, promote crystal healing and reiki, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

    The only thing that might just work is cosmetics.

    But they are much much cheaper online.

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    Blackmores are Blackguards! It’s great to see that there’s life in the old Podger yet. Anyone for a near-new Energy Force Band with added Firepower?


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