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    Dr Sandy O'Sullivan

    Struggling to avoid saying something about dickishness about this Burgio bloke! I mean it’s easy to mess up increasing Indigenous researcher capacity with fixing up us drunkies, right?

    Also, Chelsea, I mean they let us be involved… sure, almost none of us, but still! That’s nice, isn’t it? And we get to learn from clever white people who know so much more than us about all things Aboriginal… so there’s that. I realised when they parachuted someone into a job above me with less skills, qualifications, publications, research awards, years in service, connections – you name it – but who was a white man, that with all of that enormous amount of ‘less’ to offer, that I could – of course – learn from him. He had so much to teach me.

    I loved your line about ‘competitive with who?’. Chelsea, I think you know the answer to that, the people who don’t have the answers and keep coming back to us for help when they do get the funding. As with most things you write, you’ve got a killer line in there that I am citing the bejesus out of… “There is a clear demarcation in the NHMRC’s agenda when it comes to women and Indigenous researchers. One focuses on opportunities while the other focuses on incapacities” – you said it, sister!

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    researcher relocating abroad

    …and if you are a researcher who happens to be Aboriginal, woman and located in a regional university where your ECF score includes an Institutional score … and your institution scores low (even if you personally) score high… you won’t get an ECF… period! Not only will your own non modifiable attributes disadvantage your chances of NHMRC grant success (ethnicity & gender)… but the poor track record of your regional colleagues will pull you down another peg… or two. Real lived experience of an Aboriginal female researcher…


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