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    Susie Johnston

    So much needs to be investigated in relation to RACs and then changes made.. Are the providers in the business of caring for their Residents is the basic question I ask. I know the answer and so I support reviews of qualified RN staff ratios in RACs. Review of the ACFI particularly in relation to 4B and its abuse. Fix these 2 issues and you will blow some providers out of the $ industry they see as their right. But even if they returned the income to Resident care or increase staffing of qualified RN staff I could accept their greediness but no that’s not as I see it. $ goes to fund other business interests not related to the RAC

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    Michael Wynne

    Sarah Russell is to be congratulated on fearlessly challenging the hype that has surrounded aged care for so long and the failure to acknowledge and address its problems.

    To understand what has happened we need to go back to 1997 only 11 years after a damning exposure of failures in profit focused hospitals and nursing homes by the 1985 Giles Report. The newly elected government was supported by prominent figures in the for-profit aged care industry. They adopted a policy of privatisation, marketisation and deregulation in health and aged care. The 1985 scandals were still fresh in everyone’s minds. The policy was very unpopular and strongly opposed in and outside parliament. Government felt threatened.

    When the political risk is considered, it is not surprising that 1) accountability for how money was spent and care provided was abolished, 2) data was either not collected or siloed and remained hidden as it does today, and 3) regulation was taken away from the states and handed to a government appointed accreditation process to manage. Politicians would have known that accreditation had failed as regulator in health care in the USA. It had been opposed for aged care by the public and rejected twice by congress in the 1980s.

    With a protective barrier around aged care, its critics were and still are deprived of data to use. As Russell’s analysis of inquiries and reviews reveals neither industry nor government want to help them. It is only when failures escape the system (eg Oakden, whistleblowers and the press) that we find out what is really happening.

    We are left wondering what they are all trying to hide and what verifiable independent data would reveal.

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    Drew Dwyer

    Many individuals and groups dislike Evidence Based Practice in aged care. They also dislike the medical model and push the social model first. Yet many of the problems sit in the clinical domain , due to the lack of clinical leadership in aged care. I often state to providers that when you yourself will be happy to move in to a NH then we as staff have reached our goal.

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    Rhonda Richardson

    I am so glad that a Royal Commission into Aged Care is coming, it should have been done ages ago this will show who is following the standards and who is breaking them, I hope a few will shut down after this it is much needed in all states.


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